Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Babe in a basket left on porch of the Quarton Home

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Tuesday, March 5, 1912.

A bright healthy two week old baby girl was discovered on the porch of the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John Quarton, 522 Chicago Avenue, (now Michigan Avenue) Saturday night about nine o’clock. It was neatly packed in a small basket which contained the following note: “Take this little one, treat her kindly, and give her a good home and God will surely reward you. She is two weeks old and is of the best parentage.”

The first intimation the family had of the child’s presence was on going to the door after hearing a slight noise they discovered a basket which they first though was groceries or perhaps some laundry which had been brought there by mistake. Then they discovered the baby. The child had a gold chain around her neck and wore an outing flannel slip and was warmly wrapped in blankets. Two bottles of milk for nourishment were also in the basket. She has dark blue eyes, dark hair and fine features.

Whether or not the child will be adopted has not been definitely decided but she has already endeared herself to the hearts of Mr. and Mrs. Quarton and their little daughter and will probably remain where she is.

In case the child is not adopted by the family the affair will be reported to Probate Judge Leland and an investigation will be made by County Agent Childs.