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Officer hurt in making arrest

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, December 8, 1930.

After warding off arrest for approximately 15 minutes, and injuring the left arm of Patrolman Coy Ranking in a tussle, John Goodman, 325 First Ave., was finally subdued at 6 o’clock Saturday evening and taken to jail.

Goodman was arraigned in Justice A. M. Vandersall’s court this morning on a charge of resisting arrest and injuring an officer, and after an examination, was bound over to circuit court, Ann Arbor, with bond set at $3,000.

According to Patrolman Rankin who signed the complaint against Goodman, he received a report at 6 o’clock that Andrew J. Watson, owner of a pool room on E. Michigan Ave., and Goodman were having difficulty; Gooddman who had been ordered oout, kicked two windows out of the front end of the stairway as he was departing.

“I arrived at the scene as Goodman was coming out of the store and ordered him to halt,” stated Patrolman Rankin in court today. “Instead of that he ran up an alley, and it wasn’t until we reached the rear entrance of a meat market that Goodman finally halted

“After handcuffs were snapped on Goodman with the assistance of Watson and Dale Franklin, I was leading him to the police booth, when he tripped me, and clamped down on my arm, which I had locked in his causing us both to fall to the pavement, and injuring my arm.”

Patrolman William Franklin was then called and Goodman was placed in the police car and taken to city jail, only after another struggle.

The x-ray picture of Patrolman Rankin’s arm revealed that no bones were broken although the elbow and forearm were bruised severely.

According to Watson, Goodman had been drinking and made abusive remarks in his pool room, which resulted in ordering him out.

Goodman has appeared in municipal court previously. He was arrested Sept. 23, 1928 for being drunk and disorderly and was fined $10.

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