Monday, November 28, 2011

Firemen prevent explosion of oil

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Saturday, November 28, 1931.

Chief Alonzo Miller, John Hadley and Gerald Kelly of the fire department prevented a major conflagration in the business district this morning when they risked their lives to prevent flames from reaching two 100-gallon oil tanks in the basement of the Grinnell store, 210 W. Michigan Ave.

The fire, which is believed to have started from defective wiring, was confined to the radio department in the basement but did damage estimated at $2,000 before it was brought under control. Every piece of equipment was summoned from the fire barns.

Mr. Miller, Mr. Hadley and Mr. Kelly were the first to enter the room in which the flames were creeping toward the oil, and stationed themselfes between it and the fire. Other members of the darpment followed and bent their efforts toward keeping the flames away from the bid, stationary storage tanks.

A number of radios were burned and several machines in the repair department were damaged. Smoke and water were also responsible for considerable loss.

Mrs. Carrie Chadwick, manager of the store, discovered the flames.

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