Thursday, December 15, 2011

One in custody following raid

This story was published by the Daily Ypsilanti Press on Saturday, December 12, 1931.

Harold Lucas, 612 Monroe St., is in custody as result of a raid conducted by local police shortly after midnight.

Officers were delayed in entering the building by a system of locks and chains on the front door but broke down the back entrance.

In the meantime, their report states, three gallons of moonshine had been poured down the soil pipe of the kitchen sink. A search of the building revealed a half pint concealed in the table drawer.

Five other persons in the building at the time were released. They were Minor Foley, 303 Harriet St., Sherman Morgan, same address, Arthur Starks, 309 Catherine St., Joseph Reed who is staying at the Byron Tanner residence on Hawkins St., and Carrie Palmer, 325 Watling Blvd.

Agatha Bingham, sister of Lucas, was informed of the raid by officers so that she could watch the house which was left open when officers broke the door.

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