Saturday, June 23, 2012

Superior Residents Have Narrow Escape

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Saturday, June 22, 1912.

Mr. and Mrs. John Van Buren of Superior Township had a narrow escape from serious injury Friday evening about six o’clock when the horses they were driving became frightened at the D. J & C car (interurban) and ran away.

They were driving on East Congress Street (Michigan Ave.), when they reached the power huse the horses became frightened at a passing car and started at a rapid gait down the street. They had gone but a short distance when the leather on the neck yoke broke allowing the tongue to slip through the yoke and the tugs to become unhooked. The light double buggy to which the two horses were harnessed ran onto their heels adding to the excitement and one of the horses began to kick.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Van Buren were thrown out. Mrs. Van Buren was dragged for a short distance under the buggy and was kicked by one of the horses but escaped in a miraculous manner with only a few severe bruises. Mr. Van Buren received only slight injuries. Both were taken into the home of Dan Dolby and a physician called. The only injury to the buggy was the broken dashboard and Mr. Van Buren so far recovered himself that he drove the horses home. This morning both went to Detroit.

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