Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Deputy Sheriff Elliott Resigns

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Tuesday, April 17, 1923. Chief Deputy Dick Elliott of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department today made public his resignation from the department which takes effect May 1. Mr. Elliott is leaving to accept a position with the Dawson Construction Co. which holds forth much greater inducements in the way of remuneration, he stated this morning. Mr. Elliott has been with the department four years and nine months and in that time he has made an enviable record. He served under Sheriff Lindenschmidt five months, under Sheriff Pack 4 years and this past four months under Sheriff Robinson and each has stated most emphatically that Mr. Elliott was one of the best officers they ever had to work with. Mr. Elliott will be missed in Ypsilanti quite as much as in the county department as he has worked with Chief of Police John Connors, leading his assistance whenever there was need for it. Chief Connors today stated that the department is losing a real officer and that he deeply regrets Mr. Elliott’s move. Mr. Elliott has been instrumental in many of the most important cases the county has handled since he was with the force. Chief among them are the Burk Fulmore slayings of Saline for which Sam Moceri is now serving a life sentence in Marquette and Tony Spino in Jackson and Avivle Hawkes robbery in Whittaker for which Sam Stanich is now serving a term in Jackson. Mr. Elliott was also instrumental in tracing Mrs. May Moreau notorious blackmailer, who some time ago endeavored to secure money from people in this city. “Elliott was a real officer. When he arrested a man he first got ‘goods’ enough on him so the court could convict him. I don’t believe a case was ever lost where Dick Elliott made the Arrest,” Justice Stadtmiller stated today.

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