Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pugilist Lands in Court after Winning Fight

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Wednesday, June 13, 1923. Seeking satisfaction through pugilistic methods in not always satisfactory; at any rate, it landed Freemont Peterson in jail. This is the way it happened. Harry Hixon has a cleaning establishment on Huron Street and Freemont Peterson was one of his costumers, his name is no longer on the books. According to the story told the judge, Peterson left a suit there to be cleaned, and in the cleaning process it was burned, or in some manner other way ruined. Several times Peterson declares, he endeavored to have the loss adjusted but without success, and last evening when he went to the hixon place, he intended to get satisfaction if possible. Peterson declares that what he really received at the hands of Hixon was not at all satisfactory. In act, he charges that Hixon hit him in the jaw. In the fight that followed, it seems that Peterson proved to be the best man. Hixon’s father was summoned before the fight ended, and when he endeavored to interfere Peterson’s son objected and a second round, by two different members of the same two families was staged, in which the Petersons were again triumphant. But here the law stepped in. Freemont Peterson was escorted to the city jail where he spent the night, and this morning Harry Hixon signed a complaint against him charging assault and battery. The law acted quickly, Peterson being arraigned during the forenoon. He pleaded not guilty, on the grounds that Hixon struck the first blow and trail will take place tomorrow morning. So far no suit has resulted from the second bout. (The jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty.)

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