Sunday, July 31, 2016

Biggest Fish Story of Year—Fisherman Takes Alligator from Huron

The Ypsilanti Daily Press published this story on Tuesday, July 28, 1936

     Batting his line for fish and catching a Georgia alligator is the experience a fisherman had Monday night on the Huron River in the Vicinity of the gas plant. (Where the DPW yard is now at Forest and Huron.) It is 18 inches long and young.
     It was taken to the Ypsilanti Tourist Park (now Water Works Park) where it has found asylum. Jack Flagg, custodian, thinks it may have been somebody’s pet and escaped or was turned loose, or it may have been left behind by some show. One of its feet is a little injured, and it carries also the hook mark in the roof of its mouth.

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