Thursday, March 5, 2009

Liwuor "loco" weed furnish work for police

This story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, March 5, 1934.

Teofilo Chaver, Mexican, was in a dangerous mood, according to police report, when he was taken into custody at shortly after 5 o’clock this morning. He had been drinking moonshine liquor and smoking “loco” weed. He was taken into custody on complaint of Mrs. Mary Gosman, who lives in a railroad car on Michigan Ave. near the overhead bridge. He also created a disturbance after having been placed in the cell at city hall and this morning was still highly excitable when arraigned in justice court where Justice Vandersall ordered him to pay costs of $20 or serve 90 days in county jail. He was committed when he was unable to make payment. Cheves was arrested on a previous occasion when deputies found him transporting load of the Mexican loco weed which he had grown. At that time he agreed to burn the crop which it is illegal to raise in Michigan.

Kicker in face

Roy Kirtley, 436 Adams ST. who was accused of having knocked Harry Bennett, 512 Second Ave. to the street and of having kicked him in the face at about 5 o’clock Sunday morning, was sentenced to 60 days in county jail on assault and battery charges.

Annoyed Women

Elwood Powers, Holmes road, was taken into custody on Michigan Ave Saturday night when he was found to be in an intoxicated condition and bothering young women who passed along the street. His companions George Wackus, 814 N. River St., and Francis Bouchie, 710 River St. were ordered to go to their homes.

Creates disturbances

Marvin Taylor, Ecorse Rd and Howard Bonsteel, E. Michigan Ave. were locked up Saturday night when police responded to the second call to Moore and Yedley’s where the youths were accused of creating a disturbance. Both were ordered to pay $10 or spend 30 days in county jail. Taylor was accused of being drunk and disorderly.

Too Intoxicated

Police refused to allow William Youngs to drive home in his car when they found him in an intoxicated condition on Lincoln ST. and they also took away the key of a car belonging to Frank Wackus at 2:30 Sunday morning when they found him too intoxicated to drive.

Farmer Cut

Police investigated a fight in a pool hall near the depot Saturday night in which a farmer, Merrill Hall, received such a bad cut under one eye that it was necessary to obtain treatment from a physician. He was taken home by an acquaintance.

Seek Addict

Officers Saturday made a run to Beyer Hospital when it was reported a dope addict had a telephone appointment to obtain narcotics there. The addict, however, failed to appear

Monday, March 2, 2009

Teo small boys missing, police search started

This story appeared in The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Friday, March 2, 1934.

Police are today endeavoring to locate Donald Moore, 12 years old, 713 River St., and Raymond Hatch, 11 years old, Helphill Rd., who were reported missing from their homes about 9:30 Thursday evening.

The younger boy was described as being four fet six inches tall weighing about 76 pounds whild Donald is four feet 10 inches tall and weighs 100 pounds.

It is believed the older boy had a blue steel automatic pistol with him as it is missing from the home.