Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Raid David Harris’ House Find Booze

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Monday, December 4, 1922. David Harris is in the city jail today awaiting trial on a charge of violating the Volstead act, following a raid on his home at 320 South Adams St., Saturday night in which officers secured a gallon and a half of moonshine whiskey. Harris’ arrest followed several weeks of watchful waiting on the part of Chief Connors who some time ago had secured information leading him to believe that liquor was being dispensed from somewhere in the neighborhood. It was not until Saturday night, however, that he was able to locate the exact house from which the liquor was being obtained. Securing a search warrant from Judge Stadtmiller and accompanied by Deputy Sheriff Dick Elliott and Officers Lawrence and Vay, Chief Connors lead the raid on the Harris house. The white mule was discovered hidden in the woodshed. Half a pint had been sold previously in the evening, Chief Connors understands. Harris’ arrest came as a surprise to Chief Connors as he has been a respected resident of Ypsilanti for many years. For 23 years he has been in the employ of the gas department and officials there stated that he had been a faithful workman, seldom missing a day. He was earning good wages there and was not in need of selling moonshine for a living, Chief Connors said. Justice Stadtmiller is in Ann Arbor today, so Harris probably will not be arraigned until late this afternoon.