Saturday, May 17, 2008

Midnight fire arouses family

Accidentally overturning a lamp with a pitcher in the rear of the attic which he used as a wash room, Zina Buck, a roomer and owner, stated a fire last midnight which burned C. S. Maddux and family out of their home at 605 Pearl Street. The oil flashed, caught in inflamable material, exploded a can containing a few quarts of oil, and within a few minutes the entire upper part of the house and roof was in flames.

Miss Grace Maddux, the only member of the family up, notified the fire deparment by phone, and its prompt arrival alone prevented the house being totally destroyed.

Mrs. Maddux, who in in poor health, fainted but her daughters carried her to the home of S. B. Mereness where the family found shelter for the rest of the night. Mrs. Maddux suffers from nervous shock, but is improved today

Part of the roof and the upper part of the house are badly damaged. Mr. Buck's loss and that of Mr. Maddux are fully covered by insurance. All the winter clothing of the Maddux family, which was stored in the attic, and the bedding and furniture on the second floor, was totally destroyed. The carpets and furniture on the first floor are badly damaged by water and smoke.

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It is a shame when people can't spell their last name.