Thursday, May 29, 2008

Burning grease causes bad fire

This story appeared in the Ypsilanti Daily Press of Friday, May 29, 1908.

Jas. Clark’s bakery at 428 Huron street was damaged to the extent of about $1,500 this morning by fire.

Geo. Renton, the baker, was making doughnuts, when the grease caught fire. In attempting to put the fire out, the kettle containing several gallons of boiling grease was tipped over. The burning grease spread rapidly, and in a minute the whole room was ablaze. The fire department responded promptly and soon had the fire under control.

Several hundred loaves of bread were burned and the over damaged. The loss in partially covered by insurance.

Work of repair has already been started, and Mr. Clark hopes to be doing business again on Monday.

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