Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mrs. Brayton has disappeared

This story appeared in the Ypsilanti Daily Press of Thursday, June 4, 1908.

Mrs. Maria Brayton has mysteriously disappeared from the home of her sister, Mrs. Peter Staffin, 113 Miles Street, with whom she made her home.

Mrs. Brayton had been acting in a peculiar manner for the last few weeks, and this has led her friends to fear that she may have become deranged and wandered away.

At one time she was confined in an asylum for a number of years, and about six year ago went to Dixborro to reside with her sister, and moved with them to Ypsilanti about a year ago.

Yesterday morning about 11 o'clock she left the house appareatly going for a walk. She wore a black lawn dress with purple flowers, a heavy black winter coat and black hat. Her hair is gray and cut short, and she is about 50 years old.

Anyone hearing of her whereabouts please notify her sister, Mrs. Staffin.

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