Monday, June 9, 2008

Raid House; three arrests

This story appeared in The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Tuesday, June 9, 1908.

Three arrests were made at the home of Mrs. Melissa Stewart on Towner Street last night. Those taken into custody were Mrs. Stewart, James McCray and Joe Friday. A third man—Joe’s companion—evaded arrest by leaping through a window.

McCray pleaded guilty before Justice Gunn this morning to using indecent language in the presence of Miss Ada White whom he accosted as she was passing along the street. He was fined $20 and assessed $4.90 costs, in default of which he will be imprisoned in the county jail for 30 days.

McCray told the court he has a wife residing on River street, but that he can’t get along with her and has made his home with Mrs. Stewart. He is the man who threw an exploding lamp out of Mrs. Stewart’s house and which struck her and set her clothing on fire last fall. The women had a narrow escape from being burned to death. He promised the justice that in future he will make his home elsewhere.

Mrs. Stewart pleaded not guilty to the charge of imputing to Mrs. Marie Riley, wife3 of ex-Constable William Riley, the crime of larceny. Mrs. Riley says Mrs. Stewart accused her of carrying away some the her furniture at the time of the fire. Mrs Stewart denies the charge.

Justice Gunn set her hearing for June 18 and placed her bond at $200 in default of which she was remanded to jail.

“Why don’t you live with your son Frank?” asked Justice Gunn. Frank gave her mother a home when she was burned out.

“I don’t have to,” she snapped. “He’s the last person on earth I’d live with. I have a home of my own and that’s where I am going to live.”

The house has not been repaired since it was partially destroyed by fire. Only one room is habitable.

Joe Friday worked on the Congress Street sewer (now Michigan Ave.) until he was laid off. He was charged with being disorderly. He promised to leave town and was discharged.

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