Friday, June 6, 2008

Hurls victims from buggy

This story appeared in the Ypsilanti Daily Press of Saturday, June 6, 1908.

Struck broadside by a rapidly moving touring car as they were returning from a drive last evening, B. E. Miller, a university student and an Ypsilanti young woman were hurled from their buggy opposite the farm of Richard Kellogg, near the Lake Shore Crossing, miraculously escaping with their lives or even severe injury. The buggy was reduced to debris. The driver of the auto made no inquiry for the fate of his victims and his identity may never be known.

Miller secured the rig from DeMosh’s liver in the afternoon to drive to Ann Arbor. It appears that he turned well out when he saw the auto approaching, and when he was an accident was inevitable he saved the horse from injury but the machine crashed into the left front wheel. Every spoke was broken out and the rubber tire ripped off and the remainder of the wheel was thrown on the electric road where it was later run over by a car. Another wheel was stripped of spokes; the buggy box was jammed and broken. In fact the buggy is a complete wreck and the harness was cut and broken. The horse ran home and is unhurt.

Arthur B. Casler brought the couple to the Country club. The Ann Arbor chief of police was phoned to look out for the automobile but was unable to apprehend the driver.

Miller stated he completed his work at the university and is about to leave for his home in Ohio.

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