Thursday, June 26, 2008

Citizens say vice is rampant

This story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on June 26, 1908.

Complaints have been made to the Daily Press of a place on Lincoln avenue which, residents of that section of the city declare, should be ‘cleaned up.’ The cleaning up is desired for the improvement of the moral atmosphere of the community. At almost every home in the vicinity are numerous children who see and hear things not good for childish eyes or ears.

This place, so those who know it best, say, has long been notorious. It is described as the headquarters for a certain ‘tough’ element that visits the town. It would serve no good purpose to describe in detail the unbecoming conduct of these visitors.

The character of this place is well known to the police force. That it is equally as well known to the police commissioners is undoubtedly true.

Why is this blot on the fair name of the community permitted to exist? Why are innocent little children subjected to scenes that help destroy the good influence of their parents?

It is because Garry W. Densmore and Chas. D. O’Connor, police commissioners, are perfectly satisfied to allow vice of this character to exist and flourish in the city’s midst. O’Connor is still on the police board. His term expired May 1 but as Robt. W. Hemphill refuses to accept the position when appointed by Mayor Kirk, O’Connor holds over under the provision of the charter that provides he may retain the office until his successor is named and qualifies.

The Press suggests that those immediately interested make an appeal to Mayor Kirk.


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