Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chief Milo Gage Hurt in mix-up

This story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, SEptember 21, 1908.

Chief Milo Gage(Chief of Police), is confined to his bed today, as the result of a fracas with Pete Furgeson, a stranger who drifted into town on the elecric car late Friday night. Pete, who had been drinking, said "bad words" in the presence of some ladies in front of the Epicure, and the chief put the "come along" on him, and started for jail, the prisoner resisting at every step. When they reached teh steps leading to the jail, the man braced himself against the railing and refused to go any further. Chief Gage stepped ahead of him, down one step, and attempted to persuade him by a gentle pressure of the "come along" to follow, which he did, but not in the way the chief liked. Letting go his hold on the railing, both men rolled down the steps, the chief hanging on to his prisoner, who received a black eye and several minor bruises.

Chief Gage was not so fortunate. He received a kick just above the knee on hhis right leg, that is causing him considerable pain. At first it was feared a bone was broken. Dr. H. B. Britton has been attending him.

"I will never ride on those elecric cars again," said Peter after ghe had been sentenced to 90 days in the Detroit house of coprrection by Justice Geo. Gunn. "Every time I ride on them I gets into trouble."

Pete had been in Jackson and had paid his fare through to Detroit but thought he would stop at Ypsilanti for a little stay, which was involuntarily prolonged.

"I've been to 'the house' a few times afore," said Pete in discussing his sentence, "but the Detroit fellows only makes you hit it from 10 to 15 days. You can bet if I ever have to go through this town again I'll go through on the flyer so I can't stop off"

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