Monday, April 20, 2009

Joseph Sari may lose sight from explosion burns

This story was carried by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Friday, April 20, 1934.

Joseph Sari, W. Congress ST, received painful burns and injuries about the face Thursday afternoon about 6 o'clock, and considerable damage was caused to the property when a small hot water heater exploded in the basement of his residence.

Mr. Sari had build a fire in the small-stove to heat water and went into the basement to shut the draft when the explosion occurred. The stove was blown apart, hot air pipes were torn down, fruit cans in one corner of the cellar were broken, a strip of flooring in the kitchen was torn loose and the door at the head of the stairs was torn from its hinges. Mrs. Sari who was in the kitchen at the time was not injured.

Fire, which broke out was confined to the basement and was quickly extinguished.

The cause of the explosion has not been determined as there was no gasoline or inflammable substance used in kindling the fire or any near the stove. Mr. Sari said. No estimate of the extent of the damage done to the building, which was owned by Herbert Rishee, had been obtined this morning.

Physicians were unable to determine to what extent Mr. Sari's sight might be impaired as the eye lids were so swollen an examination was impossible. The injured man was taken to the home of his wife's parents, R. G. Fuller, 301 Park St.

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