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Three Ypsilanti hotel Bars Closed

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Saturday, May 1, 1909.

Saloon licenses for the three hotel bars of Ypsilanti have not been taken out by the lessees or owners.

Today the bars of the Hawkins House, the Congress Hotel and the Occidental Hotel are closed to the public.

The café and lunch room in conjunction with the Occidental Hotel bar is also closed and the owner, Mr. Ford Hixson, refused to make any statement concerning whether or not it would ever be reopened.

Guests who are regular boarders of the Hixson café going there this morning for their breakfast discovered a sigh on the door to the entrance of the dining room which read as follows: CLOSED INDEFINITELY.

Inquiries as to whether service could be expected in the near future were met with unsatisfactory answers.

A reporter for the Press calling at the Occidental endeavored to have Mr. Hixson issue a statement for the benefit of the patrons of the bar and café.

“I have absolutely nothing to say,” declared the proprietor.

“Will you open again in the near future?” he was asked.

“That is my business.”

The Hawkins house Bar Closed for Repairs?

An interview with Mr. Joseph Burchill, proprietor, was far more satisfactory. Mr. Birchill said:

“No we have not taken out any license as yet, but do intend to renew Monday.

“We have simply closed the bar for necessary repairs and redecorating. We expect to open again shortly.

Mr. Caldwell of the Congress Hotel Communicative.

Mr. Louis Caldwell, proprietor of the Congress Hotel bar, declared that he had telephoned to the county treasurer’s office at Ann Arbor, assurance that he would secure a license either this afternoon or Monday, and in turn was given permission to open up this afternoon. Money for Mr. Caldwell’s bond has been deposited in the bank.

Change of Ownership Contemplated?

It is said that a change of ownership will be made in the Occidental hotel bar and lunch before the establishment reopens.

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