Monday, May 18, 2009

Ferguson makes good carts

This story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on Tuesday, May 11, 1909.

One of the greatest and most talked about growing industries in this city is the manufacturing of the “Ferguson Cradle Cart.”

The Ferguson Cradle Cart is a patented invention of Mr. A. P. Ferguson and is an innovation in driving vehicles. Mr. Ferguson claims that it is absolutely free from horse motion and that it can be adjusted in one minute to any size horse.

Mr. Ferguson has never advertised his Cradle Cart, yet he manufactures every season more and more. He is now shipping through a New York jobbing house to many foreign points including France, Glasgow, Scotland, Lehtart, England, Madras, India, Sanitos and many South American and California points.

Mr. Ferguson has been endeavoring for some time past to have the city council give him a lease for ten years on some suitable building for manufacturing purposes, but this they refuse to do.

Mr. Ferguson is in receipt of letters from many rural mail carriers praising a buggy which he makes for them. Among the letters he has received is a joint letter from three of the rural carries in this city, L. M. Buland, F. T. Ostrander and A. A. Boutell.

Another recommendation comes from Wyoming, Del., from E. W. Evans, a rural carrier at the point.

One of the most popular sizes is his No. 306, the price with top and side curtains being $35.50.

It certainly seems that industries such as Mr. Ferguson and others are endeavoring to push should be encouraged with a good size bonus or a lease from the common council.

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