Monday, May 4, 2009

Building of 1870 goes as hazard

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Friday, May 4, 1934.

The razing of the brick building on the alley just south of Michigan Ave., near Huron St., and opposite the Michigan Artificial Ice Co. storage house, is being carried on by a group of men under the direction of Ernest Maddux, city sanitary inspector.

The building which is a fire hazard and dangerous because of the dilapidated condition, has been condemned and is being wrecked by the crew. All materials are being salvaged and will be sold.

The structure was erected in 1870 on the rear of the Samuel Post property, according to John Matthews and was used for a number of years after it was first built as a whipsocket factory. Since then it has served many purposes, but recently has stood vacant.

Mr. Maddux is also warning owners of chickens in the city that they are liable for damage done by their fowls to neighbors’ property. Already several complaints have been received that chickens have destroyed gardens and ruined flower beds. Owners must either keep the chickens in an enclosure or at least confine them to their own premises, Mr. Maddux states.

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