Friday, January 15, 2010

Driver of truck fears hijackers

This story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on Wednesday, January 15, 1930.

Belief that hijackers are attempting to operate in the vicinity of Ypsilanti was expressed by a truck driver who reported to police here early this morning that he had been stopped a short distance form the city by four suspicious appearing men in a large coupe who (?) searched his load.

The truck driver, whose name was not learned by police, was headed for Chicago and was several miles east of Ypsilanti when the four men drew alongside of his vehicle and told him that they were officers watching for liquor. According to his statement to police, the four showed no credentials and the machine which they were driving bore an Ohio license, indicating at least that they were not officers of this state..

After searching the truck and finding no liquor, the driver said, the other four drove toward Ypsilanti and the matter was reported to police shortly before 2:30 afternoon as the driver reached this city. Police searched for the coupe for several hours but were unable to locate one answering the description or bearing the four men.