Monday, January 18, 2010

Gotham has its Brooklyn Bridge, Platt its station

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Saturday, January 18, 1930.

Platt, Mich, Jan. 18,--country gentlemen go to New York, buy the Brooklyn Bridge and then tell the prosecuting attorney about it. H. E. Losey brought the community waiting room here. Now he is telling the Eastern Michigan Railway Company about it.

The building, the proudest possession of Platt community, was equally attractive to Mr. Losey and he had a gratifying picture of it in his mind’s eye as a gasoline station at the Ann Arbor airport. The railway company agreed that it would make an excellent gasoline station and a transfer was effected.

When Mr. Losey came out to devise a method of removing the heavy tile roof without marring the beauty of the structure he was startled to find a sheriff’s order saying that the building was the property of the community and stating the penalty for anyone molesting it.

A few moments later he could be seen in a dejected attitude at the general store with a mental picture of the beautiful gasoline station glimmering away as residents consolingly told him that maybe he did buy a building from the railway company after all and that maybe it was one down in the middle of George Klager’s fields, one that could be easily accommodated on a small truck. This building a wooden one that had seen veteran service almost since the Detroit, Jackson and Chicago Railway had its beginning was replaced four or five years ago by the almost fireproof structure which so appealed to Mr. Losey. It was originally donated by Mr. Klager and erected by farmers living in the neighborhood.

The new station was built by residents from material donated by residents from material donated by Ann Arbor and Detroit building firms and was designed by an architectural firm in Ann Arbor.

It is one of the most distinguishing features of the Packard Road community of approximately 70 residents and, while the electric line was in operation was referred to as , “Platt Union Station.”

Finally convinced that the station was not his Mr. Losey told the Railway Company about it and after some research the company agreed. Arrangements are being made for the return of his money.

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