Friday, January 13, 2012

Tenant house on Gorfredson farm burns to ground

This story was published by the Daily Ypsilanti Press on Friday, January 13, 1922.

Fire at the Gotfredson farm No. 4, whish is located northeast of Ypsilanti on what is known as the John Riggs farm, Thursday noon destroyed the tenant house and practically all of the contents.

The fire was discovered just at noon. One of the men, leaving the house saw that the roof was ablaze and spread the alarm, but in spite of all efforts, the entire house was destroyed, although part of the furniture on the first floor was saved.

Whether or not the farm house will be replaced is not known, Lewis Jones, the manager, states that Mr. Gotfredson in in California, and that he is the only one with authority to order any rebuilding. It is understood that the place was insured, but Mr. Lewis did not known whether or not the insurance completely covered the loss.

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