Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clayton Deake dwelling burns, $10,000 damage This story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on Tuesday, May 3, 1932. Fire, origin of which is undetermined, resulted in a loss of more than $10.000 this morning when it destroyed the modern farm home and practically all its contents as well as a small barn, belonging to Clayton Deake, former drain commissioner of Washtenaw County. The house is located on Packard Rd., three miles west of Ypsilanti. The blaze was not discovered until it had eaten its way through the southwest corner of the two story frame dwelling and then quickly engulfed the entire house, was uncontrollable. Volunteers succeeded in carrying to safety a few of the furnishings on the first floor, including the piano, but all contents on the second floor and basement burned. Forming a bucket brigade the volunteers were successful in keeping the flames from the two car garage, which was near the house and a chicken coop adjoining the garage, but a small barn 16 by 20 feet, directly in the line of the sparks carried by the wind, burned to the ground. Implements and machinery from the latter building were saved. The blaze was believed to have started at 10 o’clock only a short time after Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Deake had left for a business trip to Detroit. Early this afternoon relatives had been unsuccessful in locating the couple. Twenty years ago a large farm house standing on the same foundation, also burned to the ground and a large walnut tree standing near the structure, which was partly burned at that time, also caught on fire today. The loss is covered by insurance.

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