Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Officer injured in chase, stays to arrest Sloan

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Saturday, July 17, 1937. During examination in municipal court this morning Clarence Sloan and Marvin Hoeman pleaded guilty to charges of reckless driving and allowing a car to driven recklessly by another, respectively. Mrs. Sloan, hysterical while witnessing the examination, fainted, just after the sentence of $200 restitution plus hospital bills plus $20 cost to each was passed. Although Patrolman Donald J. Ruddick suffered a painful injury in a wreck which occurred early this morning when Clarence Sloan, 9 Devonshire Road, tried to escape apprehension, he succeeded in capturing his quarry. The wreck resulted in almost complete demolishment of the police car and radio equipment. Ruddick had stopped Sloan on E. Michigan Ave. when he observed Sloan was driving erratically and asked for his driver’s license. Sloan saying he didn’t have one, stepped on the accelerator and turned down Miles St. Patrolman Ruddick stated. He gave pursuit, and it was when Sloan tried to make the turn off Miles St. onto Prospect St. that he overturned his car, and the officer, close behind, had to swerve to avoid a smash-up and in so doing lost control of the patrol car which went over end for end twice. Sloan scrambled out and ran into shrubbery of the McKenna residence in attempting to escape, but Officer Ruddick caught him and phoned the police station for assistance in getting to Beyer Hospital. The two drivers were treated for bruises and minor cuts, as also Marvin Hoeman, owner of the car Sloan was operating. Alex Arbayo, another passenger, who gave the same address as Sloan and Hoeman, was released. Sloan was locked up for the night on charges of driving while intoxicated, and Hoeman for allowing an intoxicated person to drive his car. Sloan has two broken ribs. Officer Ruddick continued his shift until 5:30 this morning, and later X-rays revealed his left wrist was fractured. He had held his gun in it, ready to shoot at the gas tank of the Sloan car.

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