Tuesday, September 4, 2007

John Dolbee Cuts Throat

The following story appeard in The Ypsilanti Record of Thursday, August 23, 1917.

Workmen on going to work Wednesday morning at Highland cemetery found John V. Dolbee, a former Ypsilanti man, laying across the grave of his wife, his throat cut and his wrists slashed with a razor, evidently with suicidal intent. Though almost lifeless, he was hurried t the University hospital at Ann Arbor where he was today reported still alive with some chance for recovery.

Despondency over the death of his wife three years ago, made more acute when his son Austin Jay, fell from the third story window of a Highland Park apartment house last Saturday and received injuries from which he died Sunday, is believed to be the cause of his effort to end his life

The son’s body was brought to Ypsilanti Tuesday and buried at Highland cemetery. The father attended the burial, and it is believed a despondent mood, went alone to the cemetery at night and at the grave of his wife sought to end his life

He used a razor, slashing his throat and severing his windpipe but fortunately failing to injure the jugular vein. He also slashed his wrists, and though weak and unconscious from loss of blood, there were signs of life in the morning.

At first view his discoverers thought he was dead, and officers were so informed. Coroner Burchfield of Ann Arbor was dispatched word and he drove to Ypsilanti. A physician was called immediately when the discovery was made that life was not extinct and he was at once taken to University hospital. There it was stated there was a chance for recovery. Recovering to speak, Mr. Dolbee declared it was his desire to die.

He is 56 years of age. He has a son, Dan Dolbee, a daughter Mrs. Dora Long, of Muskegon and another daughter, Mrs. Lutie Long, residing on the Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor road.

Mr. Dolbee is a carpenter by trade, residing for many years at 622 Prospect Street. He has in recent years been plying his trade in Detroit. The son, Austin Jay, was employed in Highland Park when he met with his fatal fall.

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