Thursday, September 6, 2007

Neat House is Reopened

This story appared in the Ypsilanti Daily Press of Friday, June 7, 1907.

Oliver Westfall and son, Clarence, who have taken over the Neat house at the Michigan Central depot and will conduct it as a European hotel, gave a house-warming last night. The “boys” had such a good time that they haven’t got through telling about it yet. And there was a bunch of them there too. The place was packed. The invitations read that the “reception” would be held from 7:00 to 11 o’clock, and during that time there was a big crush.

The Westfalls had provided a bountiful and tasty luncheon. There was the choicest and largest roast of beef that could be bought and cooked. Then there was cold ham, radishes, green onions, pickles, biscuits, bread and cheese. A lay out of this character would naturally create a thirst, and there were liquids in profusion to quench it.

The Neat house had been closed for some time previous to the Westfalls taking it over. W. H. Lewis, a former proprietor, says it was a money maker for him. A good man will be engaged to conduct the dining room. The house has about 15 rooms.

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James said...

The house was renamed the Oliver House, and still stands in Depot Town. In fact, the name Oliver House can still be seen on the buuilding. CAre to guess which building it is?