Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Loss of a friend

A good friend died two yars ago on September 5, and I still miss him. He was a good and gentil man, who left us far too soon. At te time of his death, I posted something I wanted to share with others. I still wnat to share this with you, so I am posting it again.

52 Presents to give yourself

Walk instead of ride.
Give yourself a compliment
Keep a secret
Practice courage in one small way.
Warm a heart
Laugh at yourself
Enjoy silence
Walk to the nearest park.
Break a bad habit, if just for today.
Get to know the neighbor's dog or cat.
Hug someone.
Sing in the shower
List ten things you do well
Walk in the rain.
Pay a compliment.
Throw away something you don't like.
Watch a construction crew.
Waste a little time.
Curl up with some hot cocoa
Buy a ticket to a special event.
Return something you've borrowed
Think about droplets on rosebubs
Try to feel another person's hurt or joy.
Organize some small corner of your life.
pop popcorn
Turn off the TV and do something else.
Gather shells on the beach.
Feed the ducks
Pick up some travel brochures and dream
Smell one flower.
Sand a card to someone for no reason
Take an early morning walk.
Tell someone how much you appreciate him or her.
Look into the heart of a flower.
Look at old photos
Encourage a young person.
Follow an impulse
Visit someone close by.
Listen to the rain.
Acknowledge when you are wrong.
Volunteer time to something you care about.
Give yourself a present for under $1.
Eat breakfast with a friend.
Let someone do you a favor.
Reread a favorite book.
Allow yourself to make a mistake.
Watch the sun set.
Allow yourself to make another mistake.
Drop a quarter where some one will find it.
Surprise a child.
Plant a seed.
Watch the sun rise.

One last present to give yourself, and that is to enjoy.

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