Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Five thrown to pavement in runaway

This story was published byThe Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, June 28, 1909.

Five people were thrown int the street, and four injured in a runaway Saturday evening at 8 o’clock.

A horse attached to a runabout owned by Frank Shuda which was being driven by him and in which were his wife, Flossie and child, becoming scared at a passing automobile on Huron Street, pitched Mr. Shuda from the vehicle as it swerved, and a few moments later as it rounded the corner of Huron and Pearl Streets threw Mrs. Shuda and child out on the pavement

The horse continuing its mad flight, reached Washington Street, striking a team at that point, tipping the buggy over and throwing the horse to the ground. The result of this collision smashed the Shuda rig, and the horse freed of all obstacles excepting the pair of shafts, abruptly turned, dashing east on Pearl Street, turning south on Huron Street, and ran in to Congress (now Michigan Ave.) Street which was croded with farmer’s rigs. Here it overturned a buggy said to be owned by Frank Durham, an employee of the D. J. & C. and his two children were thrown on the brick pavement. The horse was stopped in its mad flight at this tiem and taken to Cook’s livery barn.

A physician was summoned to dress the injuries of Mrs. Shuda and the three children. By some miracle of fate, no one had been badly injured. Spectators, who saw Mrs. Shuda hurdled to the ground with her baby, declare that they expected to see the two instantly killed. Mrs. Shuda fainted from the shock. Great excitement was caused by the occurrence.

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