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Two killed wjen train hist auton at Whittaker Crossing

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, June 3, 1929.

Simon Stefina, 36, Milan. Rt. 9, and little three year old Margaret Mary Simons, Wayne, were killed late Sunday afternoon when their automobile stalled on the Wabash tracks in front of a west bound freight train at the Whittaker crossing. John Simons, 26, Wayne, the child’s father, who was Mr. Stefina’s cousin, suffered serious injuries, and is in Beyer Hospital.

X-rays and to be taken today to determine how serious his condition is. Hospital authorities were hopeful he would live.

The tow men were driving north, to the little store near Lincoln School. According to A. K. Wanless, 206 S. Huron St., who witnessed the accident. Mr. Stefina apparently did not see the train until he was on the tracks. He then stalled his engine, and before any of the three cold get out of the car, the train struck them. The machine was dragged about 50 feet down the tracks and practically demolished. Mr. Stefina was dead and taken from the wreckage and the child only lived an hour. She suffered a fractured skull and internal injuries. Simons has a crushed shoulder and badly lacerated side; there is possibility of internal injuries.

Funeral services for Mr. Stefina were tentatively set for Wednesday morning at the Whittaker Catholic Church. The services for the little girl will be held in Wayne, but have not been arranged. Her father has not been told she is dead.

Mr. Stefina is survived by his mother, Mrs. Anna Stefina, two brothers, Joe and Henry and one sister, Mrs. Julia Dabies. He was not married.

Coroner Ganzhorn was called after the accident, but has not decided whether an inquest is necessary.

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