Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three held for robbery here of Masonic Temple

This story was carried by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, June 24, 1929.

Police early this morning arrested three Ypsilanti youths and obtained confessions that they had robbed the Masonic Temple (now Riverside Arts Center) of $21.37 and two cartons of cigarettes. The three are held in city jail, and will be arraigned this afternoon following arrival of county Prosecuting Attorney Carl Stuhrberg.

Patrolman Herman Oltersdort first took Paul and John Smith into custody when he found them loitering in Edison Park (now Riverside Park), east of the Temple, at 3 a. m. After questioning them, he ordered them to go home, and continued his round. In Gilbert Park( Michigan Ave. and Park Street) he found two cartons of cigarettes hidden and suspicioning the boys, he and Patrolman Coy Rankin started in pursuit, overtaking them before they had reached home.

Confronted with the cigarettes, and questioned further, they admitted having climbed the fire escape of the Temple to the roof, broken the skylight had a door, and gained access to the building in that way. They involved John Leutsau in the robbery.

Leutzan who lives at the cornet of Hamilton St. and Washtenaw Ave., was taken into custody, and admitted his part in the robbery.

The three insisted the two cartons of cigarettes and cash were all that was taken, and Masonic Temple officials have found no other loss today.

The three are to be arraigned at 2 o’clock this afternoon, on charges of breaking and entering.

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