Thursday, May 13, 2010

Man rides horse into front hall

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, May 13, 1935.

Leo Smith, 7 East Michigan Avenue was today admonished by Chief of Police Ralph Southard, against riding his horse into the homes of friends.

Smith, with a companion whom he addressed as “Bob” and his horse, “Dannie”, about midnight Saturday appeared unexpectedly in the front hall of a Parsons Street home, and only after the man of the house had been awakened by the screams of his wife and daughter, was he ejected.

Previously Smith had attempted to enter another house in the neighborhood, but found the doors securely fastened. After the frightened horse had been backed down the front hall stairs and out of the building by the owner, horse and rider moved on to Park Street where another resident’s front lawn was trampled upon.

“If person whom Smith has been annoying will sign a complaint, a charge can be placed against him and court action started,” Chief of Police Ralph Southard said today. “Otherwise, the police department can do nothing except warn such offenders not to repeat their misdemeanors.”

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