Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two men face serious charge

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Record on Thursday, May 13, 1920.

Sunday night, at Ann Arbor, Ethel McGuire, a student nurse, died under suspicious circumstances, and as a result two men are being held at the county jail under suspicion of being implicated in a crime that caused the girls death. One of the men held is a barber on State Street and the other is a medical student from Detroit.

The two men in question were implicated by a statement of the girl before her death, which was believed to have been caused by the taking of a powerful drug.

No charges have been preferred against the men and will not be until after the inquest, which will be held today (Thursday). Should sufficient evidence be found it is probable that they will have to stand trial for manslaughter.

Later—The two men implicated in the death of Ethel McGuire at Ann Arbor, Harry Harper, a barber on State Street, and Stanley Sitko, a junior medical student, were arraigned before Justice Thomas Monday and Wednesday on a manslaughter charge. Harper demanded an examination, which was set for May 17 at 2 o’clock. Harper’s bail was fixed at $25,000 and in default of same he was remanded to jail.

Sitko faced the justice Tuesday afternoon and he also demanded an examination for May 17. His bail was fixed the same as Harper’s, and in default of same was remanded to jail. Sitko admits that he wrote the prescription for the tablets, but denies having any intention of doing harm.

It is rumored that a third arrest will be made today.

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