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Auto thieves are captured near Ypsilanti

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, August 1, 1910.

Sunday afternoon Chief of Police Gage received a notice from the Detroit detectives to be on the watch for an auto thief who was thought to be headed for Ypsilanti.

This morning Mr. Gage learned that four young men from Detroit with an auto had stopped at he Anthony Duggan farm four miles south of the city where they had staid all night with some of their friends. Mr. Gage immediately telephoned Deputy Sheriff James Casgrove to hold the young men until he could get there. On reaching there as the boys came out of the house one of them tried to run away but he was quickly handcuffed and all four were brought here to await the arrival of the Detroit officers.

A warrant for the arrest of Ray Campbell is in the hands of the Detroit officers as he is charged with the thief of an auto some time ago but had not been located. It is thought that Campbell is the one who left a red auto at the Beyer farm about three weeks ago. The other three men are being held on suspicion. They claimed that the auto belonged to a Detroit party and that the fellow who took it had left them at Wayne.

The names of the boys given are Howard Brown, 160 Bellevue avenue, Joseph Murphy, 72 Lafayette street, John Brady, 629 Macomb street and Roy Campbell, 293 Harper avenue, all of Detroit.

The Ypsilanti Daily Press printed a follow up story on Tuesday, August 2, 1910.

Boy thieves are taken back to home city

Detectives Parker and Allen of Detroit arrived in this city Monday evening and took the four boys held here on suspicion of stealing a touring car in Detroit Saturday night from Dr. A. J. Winters, back to Detroit on the 5:25 train to await trial. The car which was a fine one was valued at $4,000 and was insured. It was towed in from the Duggan farm Monday afternoon and is now in the Dolson garage awaiting the settling of the insurance claims. The car was found to be in rather bad shape from being run without sufficient water and oil.

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