Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Deputy Cook arrests two rum runners

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Record on Wednesday, March 2, 1921.

Saturday morning two rum runners were chased six miles by Deputy Sheriff Cook of Saline before they were willing to surrender to the majesty of the law. Not until the deputy had shot the rear tires of their machine were they halted in their mad flight to get away. The two men gave their names as Wm. Parker and Richard Wallace of Detroit.

Wallace made two unsuccessful attempts to escape. The first attempt was made when he jumped from the car and ran, but was captured and taken to Saline. He made the second attempt while waiting for the car to take him to Ann Arbor. He sent a boy out to get him a clean collar, and asked to go into another room, where there was a glass, that he might see to put on the collar. When he did not return the deputy went into the room and found that Wallace had once again made his escape through a window. Deputy Sheriff Dick Elliott of Ypsilanti was notified and shortly after picked up Wallace as he was getting out of a machine he hired in Saline to take him to Ypsilanti, where he said his wife was dying in the hospital.

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