Thursday, March 10, 2011

Equipped with all modern machinery

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Record on Wednesday, March 9, 1921.

Ypsilanti’s Farm Bureau elevator has taken form in an attractive two-story building with an 80-foot elevator all of reinforced concrete and equipped with the best and most modern machinery made for such institutions.

Already the warehouse is well stocked with seeds, fertilizer and flour and is receiving and caring for eggs assembled for the Washtenaw hatchery. A spur from the M.C. R.R. tracks is being built alongside the building and as soon as this is finished, which will be within two or three weeks, the association will begin shipping grain. Five carloads of wheat contracted for shipment await the completion of this spur, and it is anticipated that wheat shipments will keep the association busy once they are ready to handle them, as about 50 per cent of the wheat grown in Washtenaw county last year is still in the granaries.

Very soon too, the association will grinding feed—would be doing so now had the first grinding machine received proved satisfactory. The necessity of changing for a better machine has delayed this work.

Livestock shipments are being made by the association right along at the rate of about a carload each week. Several carloads of hay also have been shipped.

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