Thursday, March 10, 2011

False teeth, glass eyes only articles not left in theater

This story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on Thursday, March 5, 1931.

Glenn Harris manager of the Wuerth hasn’t found any false teeth or glass eyes in the auditorium of his theater, but almost everything else has been lost there. He makes a practice of keeping mismated gloves, neck scarves and innumerable other things in the box office for a 30 day period and then takes them to the basement for an additional 60 days. He is planning to very that practice however, with number of articles which have been unclaimed since the Christmas holidays and is going to turn them over to Miss Inez Graves, social service worker.

He has a box of hundreds of articles, most of which may be of use. Included in it are $50 worth of scarfs, gloves of every description, mouth organs, rubbers umbrellas, pocket books, cards, new handkerchiefs, belts, buckles, pins, neckties, hats, caps, and even plumbers’ supplies.

Mr. Harris has noticed that pictures which are sad enough or funny enough to change the mood of the onlookers result in more lost articles than less emotional films. During the stress of the play the audience forgets almost anything. Men have been known to leave their pipes and women their diamonds.

A not infrequent occurrence is the breaking of beads caused possibly by an unconscious twisting of the strand. These trinkets have been found in large quantities. Some difficulty has been experienced in recovering the complete assortment as sometimes they are broken at the back of the auditorium and roll down to the front, some lodging behind the chairs.

A man living out of the city was sent a pocketbook which had been found with his name and address in it and was apparently grateful to the theater for its consideration as a short time ago he was in the city and again patronized the theater. This time he left a check book.

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