Sunday, November 18, 2012

D. U. R. Cars Pile Up When Machine Blocks Tracks

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Saturday, November 18, 1922. Three interurban cars banged into each other last night at 11:40 when a Reo sedan going east on the car line just this side of the country club skidded on to the tracks in front of the east bound local. Only one man, Clyde Moore, a conductor on a special car which was following, was hurt. The Reo, belonging to a Detroit man named Saddleman, was badly damaged in the collision, but the driver was not hurt, as he had time to get out of the machine before the local car hit it. Following the local was a freight. This car stopped just as it came up to the local which had already put out her lights, but the freight crew did not have time to get lights to the back of their cars and a special car which was just behind the freight, was unable to stop and crashed into it, the conductor on this car sustaining a badly injured back in the wreck. He was taken to an Ann Arbor hospital where x-rays will be taken to day to determine the extent of his injuries. The driver of the Reo could not explain to D. U. R. officials how this machine happened to run up onto the D. U. R. tracks. It was badly damaged in the collision with the interurban which followed as was the D. U. R. car. The accident happened on the side of the hill just west of Ypsilanti. The special car which struck the freight train had just come down a hill and could not stop in time to prevent an accident, after the motorman discovered that the freight ahead had stopped. The entire front of this car was caved in in the collision. Quite a crowd of people, some of whom had been attending a party at the country club gathered and helped get the auto from the tracks before the interurbans could go on. The machine was taken to an Ypsilanti garage D. U. R. officials were told.

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