Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prowlers Take Coat and Money At Miller Home

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press of November 11, 1922. Prowlers last night entered the home of John Miller, 128 College Place, and carried away his overcoat and about $10 in change that Mrs. Miller had left in a dish on her sideboard. The Miller house is always left unlocked as students room there, and consequently the thief had no difficulty in gaining entrance. The robbery was not discovered until about nine this morning. When Miller went to his store this morning he was unable to find his overcoat, but thought his son might have worn it away by mistake as they have coats similar in appearance. Some time later when Mrs. Miller left for the store she discovered that the money was gone and asked Mr. Miller about it, when she went to the store, thinking he might have taken it. Inquiry in the family developed the fact that both the money and coat were entirely missing and Chief Connors was called. In looking over the Miller house, Mr. Connors found burnt matches on the floor in the room where the money and overcoat had been left. Mr. Connors does not think that any but prowlers committed the theft. He states nearly every night such men are picked up or voluntarily come to police headquarters for lodgings and that many of them are in need of overcoats and funds this time of year.

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