Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Planned Bold Escape But Didn’t Balance Well

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press of November 11, 1912. Ed Rowe, who was arrested on the street Thursday and lodged in the city bastile, sometime in the night planned to escape through a long narrow window, at the top of the room. He proceeded to pile up chairs to reach the opening but he overlooked the acrobatic requirements that his plan demanded. He gathered all the chairs and tables accessible, piled them carefully high up the wall and with hopes running high, commenced the bold ascent. But the glory period was brief. Creak, smash went the chairs and Rowe found himself not outside a free man, but in the selfsame cell, on the floor and nursing a dislocated shoulder, a severely bruised face and an injured leg. He has been under the city physician’s care since.

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