Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Farmer shot by man attempting to steal to steal traps

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Monday, January 8, 1933. Leroy Fulton, Cherry Hill, was shot Saturday afternoon by Erwin Herrin, no address, when Fulton caught Herrin in the act of stealing his traps, according to Trooper Paul Frederick of the state police. Fulton, who was not seriously injured, was treated for shotgun wounds at Eloise Hospital, and Herrin was apprehended in Dearborn, by Sergeant Bruce McGlone and Trooper Frederick. According to the trooper’s statement, Fulton surprised Herrin on his Cherry Hill farm, and was struck over the head when he attempted to stop the theft. Fulton says that Herrin then pointed his shotgun at him and ordered to hold up his hands, first shooting into the ground. Fulton claims that Herrin then ordered him to run for the house and threatened to shoot as soon as he was on his way. Although Fulton thought the threat was just ‘talk’, he started for the house and when he turned, Herrin fired the shots striking Fulton in the back. Fulton was saved from serious injury by his heavy clothing. Trooper Frederick received the complaint and traced Herrin, who admits he is a floater, to Dearborn. The trooper then communicated with Sergeant McGlone and the two offers arrested Herrin and confined him to the Dearborn Township jail. Herrin is to be arraigned before Justice Mokersky, Inkster, today.

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