Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fire Damages Fletcher House

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Monday, January 8, 1923. Fire which caused a loss estimated at $1,500 broke out in the Sam Fletcher house, 433 South Huron Street Sunday morning at 9 o’clock and only prompt action on the part of the local fire department saved the house from being destroyed, Mr. Fletcher states. It is thought that the fire started from a spark from the furnace falling onto a pile shingles used for kindling, which were lying near the furnace door. The fire had just been replenished for the morning when Mrs. R. Wigle, who is visiting at the Fletcher house smelled smoke, and opening the cellar door discovered that the whole basement was filled with smoke and flames. The department was at once summoned and the blaze put out, but not until every room in the house but one had been damaged by smoke. The fire was confined to the basement, but it had gained considerable head way before it was discovered, and the smoke had penetrated through the entire building. Mr. Fletcher states that the fire department was at his house in less than five minutes time and put out the blaze in short order. Loss is partially covered by insurance.

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