Sunday, January 6, 2013

Think Booze Car was Stolen, Men Took D. U. R. Later

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Friday, January 5, 1923. That the Hayness car abandoned here yesterday by its two occupants after an accident in which their load of Moonshine was spilled, was a stolen machine is the theory police have advanced today following the discovery that the machine is listed as belonging to W. W. Sperry, 1416 East Grand Blv.Detroit. Mr. Sperry will probably be notified as soon as Chief Connors, who has been out of the city for a few days, returns this afternoon. In the mean time acting chief Morey has put the machine in a local garage pending Mr. Connors arrival. The identity of the drivers still remains unknown. Some time after the accident happened Mr. Morey was notified that two men answering the description given of them by the waiter in the Ypsilanti restaurant who was the only eyewitness so far discovered, were seen boarding a limited car at Prospect Street, going east. Mr. Morey was told that the men took a taxi to Prospect St., where they waited with the taxi until an eastbound interurban came along. They were seen to board the car, but just haw far they went is not known. The description of the men who boarded this car, and that of the two men seen to leave the auto, tallies. One was a tall heavily built man, wearing a overcoat with a fur collar. The other was a shorter man. Both were well dressed Where they took the taxi from or who drove the machine, Mr. Morey was not informed. The broken crocks and a bottle full of their contents were saved for evidence.

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