Monday, September 28, 2009

Seroiusly hurt in Run-away

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Record on Thursday, September 25, 1919.

Monday morning at about 10 o’clock Mr. Lewis Batterson, aged 66 years, was seriously injured in a runaway while driving one of the dray teams of his son, Vern Batterson. He was at the Lewis Geer Manufacturing company, where he had gone for a load of small wagons that his company manufactures. Some of these became loose and fell down on the horses’ heel, which caused them to start. Mr. Batterson was standing on the loading dock at the time and spoke to the horses and they stopped. It is thought that he then got down and went in behind the horses when they started again, and that he was caught in the whiffletrees. He was dragged across the Michigan Central tracks and when, assistance arrived was lying unconscious in the road. He was taken to the Beyer hospital, where it was found that his jaw was broken in three places, his little tow on his right foot pulled out, bruised about the head and hips and had suffered internal injuries.

His relatives were ntified, and a brother, Henry Batterson, and wife of Kansas, arrived, as alos three sisters, Mrs. M. Ferguson and Mrs. Curtis and Mrs. Alton Batterson, of Bronson.

His son, Vern, for whom he was working, had tried to have his father quit sever times, as he thought the work was too hard for him, but each time the father refused, as he liked to work, and wanted something to do. His injuries are of such a nature it is hard to judge what the outcome will be.

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