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Two dance halls closed by raids, six under arrest

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, September 23, 1929.

Justice Bert Fry this morning fined and gave alternate jail sentences to three disorderly persons taken in raids near Ypsilanti by sheriff’s officers Saturday night and still has three more cases to hear, two on a charge of violating the prohibition law and the second fro operating a dance hall without al license. Two dance halls, Lowell Beach and Gleaner’s Hall were closed.

Six months of investigation by the sheriff’s department culminated Saturday night when the remodeled schoolhouse now operated as a store in Ypsilanti Township on the Townline Road was raided by Deputies Andres, Dailey, Schulpe, Withrow and Dunstan.

About a gallon and a half of alleged moonshine and wine were found and the proprietor, Frank Wyncky, was arrested on the liquor violation charge. His wife, who could not be located Saturday night, this morning was arrested when she came to the county jail to visit her husband.

Benny Kidowski, 4787 Cecil St., Detroit, found in the store, was held on a disorderly count to which he pleaded guilty this morning. He was fined $25 and given a sentence of 30 days in county jail in case of non payment. The same sentence was meted out to Louis Slovak, also held on a disorderly charge.

While officers were still at the store Daniel Alesuk, R. F. D. 2, Belleville, drove into the yard entered the store with a practically empty bottle which officers say he apparently intended to have filled. When he noticed the men form the Sheriff’s department there he stammered out a request for two loves of bread.

He was arrested for driving while intoxicated and this morning vigorously denied being inebriated. When the not guilty plea was entered a trial was held testimony of Deputy Dailey taken. Alesuk protested that he couldn’t have been drunk because he had milked cows until 8 o’clock and had then spent his time in getting dressed up for th evening. When he first began establishing his defense he stated that he never saw the bottle mentioned by Dailey. Later however he recalled that he had been given the container to get vinegar and explained his failure to get it where he brought the bread by saying he intended to proceed to Belleville to make the purchase.

He was found guilty and fined $100. If the money is not paid he is to serve 90 days.

James Cummins, proprietor of the Lowell Beach dance hall which he admitted this morning was operating without a license, was placed on probation for six months and ordered to pay $10 a month until a fine of $50 was paid. In commenting on the case Prosecutor Carl H. Stuhrberg pointed out that immoral conditions in the county were in many instances the direct result public dance halls in the country districts. Cummins was given this lenient sentence because he has a large family and is in straitened circumstances. He also stated, in entering his plea of guilty, that he had been lead to believe that a license was not necessary for the hall he operated.

The second hall which officers entered was on Pontiac Road. The proprietor, Joe Bergl, is to appear later today.

Woman, most of them from Detroit, who were found in the halls were not taken into custody.

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