Monday, September 28, 2009

Steals revolver and then seeks to shoot up town

This story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on Saturday, September 25, 1909.

Louis Dinnie, an Italian section hand on the Michigan Central railroad, entered the Ypsilanti Hardware Co.’s store Friday evening and asked to see a revolver.

Mr. Reynolds became suspicious of him as he acted in a queer manner. While Reynolds back was turned Dinnie picked up a gun and left the store.

A few monuments before this occurrence, fellow workmen heard Dinnie making threats as to what he would do to a certain laborer employed by that company.

The police were notified by the hardware firm and Dinne was found in his bunk in a freight car, caressing the gun and muttering Latin curses.

He was taken to the city jail and arraigned before Justice Gunn this morning. He was sentenced to 90 days in the Detroit House of Correction.

Deputy Sheriff Charles Hipp took him to Detroit this noon.

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