Thursday, October 7, 2010

Firemen Rescue Girls from Roof

This story was published by The Ypsilanti Daily Press on Monday, October 7, 1935.

Ypsilanti firemen this morning rescued the three daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Corbellie from the roof of their home, 416 Pearl St., after a fire which broke out in the basement, had spread upstairs and filled the house with smoke.

Soon after Mr. Corbellie built the fire and left for work, Mrs. Corbellie awakened to find the house filled with smoke. She aroused her daughters, the Misses Lillian, Genevieve and Joyce, and then stumbled down the stairway, which by this time was filled with smoke.

Upon reaching the foot of the stairs she remembered the dog, Skippy, imprisoned in one of the bedrooms. She retraced her steps, picked up the tiny pet, and again groped her way to safety.

Meanwhile the girls opened a window and took refuge on the roof. When firemen arrived, they provided a ladder and the girls climbed to safety.

Neighbors gave them shelter and for an hour firemen battled smoke and flames.

The upstairs was a mass of debris, and several of the downstairs rooms were badly damaged. Clothes, furniture, and many personal belongs were ruined. The loss is covered by insurance.

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