Monday, October 25, 2010

House knocked off Foundation by Automobile

This story was published by The Daily Ypsilanti Press on Monday, October 25, 1920.

The house at 318 N. Huron Street was moved three inches off its foundation, the porch knocked in and the plaster cracked, when a Hudson driven by John Duffy ran directly into it on Sunday afternoon at about two o’clock. The car belongs to Mr. Cavanaugh of Ann Arbor, the house belongs to Eugene E. Kinley and the “third party in the triangle” was John Wortley’s Dodge.

Mr. Wortley was going north on Huron street and Mr. Duffy was going east at a pretty fast rate. He swerved to avoid the Wortley car, but instead of putting his foot on the brake he stepped on the accelerator. The fender and rear wheel on Mr. Wortley’s car were damaged; a mail box on the corner was knocked up in the porch of the house and the house itself was pretty badly shaken and otherwise damaged.

In spite of the great force of the impact the Hudson was not seriously damaged and Mr. Duffy sustained only minor injuries. The lamps were broken on the car and the right front axle was bent to right angles. The windshield was not even cracked.

The damage done to the house was most severe. The shock was felt in all parts of the building and a roomer upstairs was knocked out of his chair. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Teare and family are now living in the house. They were in the kitchen when the accident occurred and did not see it, but felt the building shake, and went out immediately to see what had happened.

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