Wednesday, October 6, 2010

She Walks, He Rides and Trouble Follows

The story was published by the Ypsilanti Daily Press on October 5, 1910.

Two people resembling gypsies, who gave their names as Mr. and Mrs. Frank Love, were arrested this morning by Deputy Sheriff Hipp on a charge of disturbing the peace on the public highways. They were arraigned before Justice Stadmiller and allowed to go on suspended sentence on condition that they leave the county within 24 hours.

The complaint was made by farmers, living two or three miles west of the city in front of whose homes the couple were having a rather strenuous altercation. The woman did not wish to come to town and the man insisted that she should, and because she refused he was beating and shamefully abusing her and her few months old babe which she was carrying in her arms. She had been walking behind a wagon in which he was riding and it was his strenuous methods employed that brought about his arrest. When they reached the courtroom the woman, of course, said that he had not been ill treating her and the case was accordingly dismissed.

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